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A “High Adventure” for Venturesome Valley Girl Scouts

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By Carmen Valencia
Girl Scouts from all over the Imperial Valley attended “High Adventure” at the Sunbeam Lake Park in Seeley on Saturday, March 27, 2010.  The day-long event sponsored by the San Diego – Imperial Council of the Girl Scouts of America, gave girls a chance to experience the outdoors.

“Our volunteer committee has been working hard planning this event since January, setting up the different stations,” said event coordinator Kay Hodges.  The stations Hodges referred to are fishing, rock climbing, outdoor games, orienteering, archery and outdoor cooking. (Story continues below the slideshow.)

“The different activities give them a little taste of outdoor skills, like rock climbing,” said volunteer Wendy Koon, “things they might not necessarily get here in the valley.”

More than 30 volunteers spent the day teaching the 200 girls how to climb to the top of a 40-foot rock wall then rappel down; how to put a live worm on a fishing hook; how to read a compass; and, how to hit a bull’s eye with a bow and arrow.  At the outdoor cooking station the girls made ice cream and learned how to cook bacon and eggs in a paper bag on a grill.  “I liked cooking the eggs and bacon best.  It was good,” said Carolina Sanchez, 7, of Holtville.  “I ate my friends’ too.”

At the rock-climbing wall several girls climbed up again and again just so they could kick off and swing down on the rope.  At the archery range, girls cheered at every bull’s eye hit.  Squeals could be heard coming from the fishing area every time a youngster got a nibble or picked up a worm to bait a hook.  A group of girls heading out for a hike after orienteering class, when asked where they were going, replied in unison, “To 70 degrees.”

“Everything is going as planned,” said Hodges.  “It’s been a wonderful day after a great start and all of our volunteers are doing a great job.”

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