Imperial Valley College Journalism

This website features student projects produced through the Imperial Valley College journalism program

Spring 2010 Projects

“High Adventure” for Venturesome Valley Girl Scouts
By Carmen Valencia

Girl Scouts from all over the Imperial Valley attended “High Adventure” at the Sunbeam Lake Park in Seeley on Saturday, March 27, 2010. The day-long event sponsored by the San Diego – Imperial Council of the Girl Scouts of America, gave girls a chance to experience the outdoors.  Read more…


Mariachi Mixteco:  A Different Kind of After-School Program
By Jorge Villalobos

When anyone mentions mariachi in the Imperial Valley, Mixteco always comes up. They are one of the premiere groups, not just in Southern California, but nationally.  Not bad for an after-school program.

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Leonard Knight, Salvation Mountain creator

Salvation Mountain: Leonard Knight’s Labor of Love
By Brittany Leimgruber

One man’s determination to spread the love of God is portrayed in a handmade mass of gathered hay bales, tires, adobe, and thousands of gallons of vibrantly colored paints to produce a work of art unlike any other.

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The Imperial Valley’s Diverse Citizens Find Opportunity to Promote Cultural Understanding
By Ana Cuevas

The cash registers sit patiently, like Venus flytraps eager to be fed. Employees begin to prepare themselves mentally. Suddenly, a mob, a stampede, a crowd, a giant mosh of consumers makes its way through the doors of the Imperial Valley Mall. Lines form at almost every store. The cash registers begin their feast. Read more..

Brawley Cattle Call

Brawley Cattle Call Rodeo: A Labor of Local Love
By Naomi Klockmann

The chute flew open and that two-ton bull bolted straight out the gate. Holding fast to the bull rope, Smith held on, the crowd roaring, but still he couldn’t hear them. He hit the ground hard, and never looking back, ran to safety.  The ride that felt like an eternity was in reality only about three seconds long.

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