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Jorge Villalobos

Jorge Villalobos, JRN100 & 101

Jorge Villalobos, JRN100 & 101

Jorge Villalobos, 24, is an Imperial Valley College journalism and graphics design student who is already working professionally as a reporter for the local newspaper group, Holtville Tribune/Imperial Valley Weekly/Calexico Chronicle.

Jorge is a member of both the JRN100 and JRN101 Fall 2009 classes. His assignment for JRN100 is doing a story on the Tribune’s continued success while most newspapers all over the country are suffering huge revenue losses, and even folding.

For his JRN101 final project, Jorge files a report on Mariachi Mixteco, a unique and proactive cultural group that offers at-risk young men a different kind of “after school” program.

Jorge’s plans after IVC include going to one of the California universities where they have a “great journalism program.”

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